RF EMS – Facial radiofrequency


RF Facial Lifting Machine High Frequency Vibration Massager Ion Deep Cleaning Device Heating Therapy Care Tools.


1.Ergonomic design, comfortable touch feeling.

2.Mini size and portable, convenient and easy to use.

3.Adopts EMS double frequency and RF technology, penetrate into the basal layer, enhance skin elasticity and gloss.

4.Ion technology, positive ions effectively clean deep dirt, negative ions promote the absorption of skin care products.

5.Color light can rejuvenate skin and remove , promote blood circulation and inhibit melanin.

6.Major modes, can be adjusted according to your own demands freely.

7.Clean&Detoxification.High frequency vibration, open pores.

8.Warm-Nutrition introduction

9.Red light(640nm-650nm):Promote collagen,and lighten fine lines.


11.Blue light: Inhibit inflammation&Remove acne

12.Eye Care

13.Lifting and tighten,nourishment and reduce dark circles


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