Diamond Roller – Facial EMS


3D Roller V Face Lifting Massager Micro Current Skin Firming Wrinkle Removal Device Facial Body Slimming Shaping Massage Machine.


1.360 degree massage balls, suitable for any part of your body where you want to massage.

2.3 vibration intensity level and 4 micro-current and pulse strength level can be adjusted according to your preference.

3.Micro current pulse technology.Promotes blood circulation, eliminate excess fat, anti wrinkle,eliminate edema, help you get smooth &firming & resilient skin.

4.The face roller Y handle is ergonomically designed, easy to operate.

5.Small size and easy to carry, making your face slim and relaxing at any time.

6.Platinum 3D Roller, eco-friendly ABS no harm to the skin.

7.USB charging, compact and portable, easy to carry, ready to use

8.The handle feels comfortable and easy to hold, experience a beauty massage face-lift experience in a short time


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